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Classic Lodging 

Chimneys B & B Suffolk

+ Turkey Holidays  

Your comfort is our speciality

Chimneys B&B House Rules T&Cs

As you enter or leave the property masks must be worn as the hall is a communal area. 

No Outdoor shoes on carpeted areas 

Only staying guests are allowed in the premises

There is a small mini fridge for your use at the top of the stairs

*Do not put wipes down the toilet as this will lead to a blockage.

There is no room service during your stay to keep everyone safe.

There are several bins provided for your use.Please place these in the upper landing for collection

If you need anything and i am not around please text or call me so that i can help

For guests staying longer than two days

*Please recycle cardboard, rigid plastic containers,newspaper etc.

Emptying Your Rubbish

Outside to the right of the property (through the gates) there is a

Blue Bin for Recycled Rubbish (please ensure this is clean & NOT bagged

Grey Bin for all other rubbish this MUST be bagged and tied. 

This is a no smoking property however smoker can use the front or large back garden

No Candles - I have provided battery operated small candles for your use

By checking in at Chimneys B&B you agree to pay for any damages or losses incurred during my stay

 You agree for the credit or debit card provided prior to or at check in can be used to cover the cost described above  

Lost Keys

Lost keys are charged @ £30 to arrange for a replacement for use during your stay, which must be returned upon check out

This cost is non refundable as new keys would have to be sourced and specially cut from the master key.

 For lost keys subsequently found and handed to the proprietor, prior to check out, or within 48 hours of the loss when you are still resident, no further charge will be incurred. All keys that have been provided must be returned at check out. Any lost keys subsequently found after check out MUST NOT be posted to Chimneys.

 When a guest has lost a front door key or retains a front door key after check out, this compromises the security of the premises and affects the safety of other guests and their belongings whilst missing, therefore the lock will need to be changed. In this rare event the guest remains responsible for this and associated costs