Chimneys B & B + Turkey Holidays

Your comfort is our speciality



With over 35 years experience in International Services and Banking

I have built up a good understanding of the process needed so that you can rent your property with confidence knowing your guests will arrive relaxed and ready to enjoy their holiday.

The Turkish Government require all guests to be registered and it is really important as a holiday property owner to be assured this is completed to avoid a heavy fine.

By networking with companies in the UK and Turkey, I ensure that the KBS registration requirement for visitors is easily fulfilled.

I make sure guests have provided all the necessary details 

Dealing with

  • Contracts with you for your Rental
  • Booking Confirmation with y‚Äčour guests
  • Collection and transfer of monies
  • Security Deposits
  • Airport transfers
  • KBS Registration
  • Passports
  • Visas
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • T&Cs
  • Flight information
  • Insurance Options

If you would like me to market your property for holiday rentals please contact myself Carolyn at [email protected]

Commission for rentals is 15%

Payment to you will be made on the first day of the rental 

Please advise Classic Lodging within 7 days of any claim for damages